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  1. Me: *listens to The Barenaked Ladies Christmas Album*
  2. Internal Eddy voice: IT'S JULY!!!
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Spotted in the supermarket parking lot.

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A telltale sign that I am PMSing is when I write a shit ton of sad posts and delete them before posting them or post them and then delete them a day later and then when I get my period it all makes sense. Like ‘Oh. No wonder I was being a little shit these past few days but nobody even noticed because I just deleted it anyway’. 


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Was reading the EEnE comic EnchantEDland and noticed Edd doing the same damn pose as the one I drew above. And it’s funny because the original sketch for that drawing was from November and I read the comic a few weeks ago. 

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this is the first time in a long time that im still in bed doing nothing past 8am 

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Physically? Vacation for a week.

Mentally and on my tumblr? *hand puppets bird flying away*

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The sale is perfect for lesbian and gay couples

How much for the children???

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inappropriate pinchers from beyond

That man’s body is so sad ):